Short Sale Englewood Condo

Tammie did a great job in short selling our condominium in Englewood, FL.

I switched the listing to Keller Williams and Tammie after several phone calls with her. I had a listing with another firm for more than a year prior with not one prospect. Tammie went immediately to work and was very aggressive in seeking prospects.

We listed with her in October 201 1 and had a couple lookers (despite her having to work around a tenant who was renting from us). The ability to show was greatly lessened because of our tenant. Once the tenant moved out in December, Tammie really started to press.

She had one offer in about February but that fizzled due to finances. When she got the final offer she put it all together in short fashion.

We live in Michigan and so do the buyers. Tammie was able to work effectively despite the geographic limitations. There was a lot of faxing and mailing of the massive amounts of paperwork that real estate requires and Tammie kept focused on making sure all parties got the I’s dotted and the T’s crossed.

Our sale closed July 3, 2012. I would also point out that the law firm she works with for short sates and the like was effective too. We’re very pleased with the way our sale was handled.

Vic and Lynne Thompson
Commerce Twp., Ml